An Alaskan Black Bear Faced with A Ferocious Cat, And You Will Not Believe What Happened!

This video has been filmed by some woman from Eagle River, Alaska, and she managed to catch a hilarious situation when a black bear came up to her porch. Brown bears or also known as grizzlies are common across many areas of Alaska. They are usually seen during the dawn and dusk hours when they are actively searching for food, and this one was probably got lost during its mission. But, what he did not expect is to stumble upon a ferocious cat guard!

The bear came up to the porch and through the glass window faced with a  2-year-old Savannah cat called Nani. If you thought that a kitten ran as fast as she could, you were wrong, cause Nani crouched down and while two animals stared at each other, she lunged at the bear. That scared him so much that he fell off the porch. I could not stop laughing!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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