This Adorable Puppy is Faced The Important Decision, But Her Pick is Not what You Would Expect!

Nothing is more important than making the right choices in life. These choices will make the difference, and can very much affect your future. Whether is something big, or something ordinary like picking the right close in the morning, that selection will influence your day, your month, your life. But, this sound way to serious, and I do not think that a cute Pomeranian was thinking so deep on this interesting pick, but she did choose wisely. You have to see this!

The adorable puppy called Luna was faced the very important decision for her. The three tempting alternatives and she could only pick one. Luna had to choose between a broccoli, a cracker, or $5 bill. As she is a very smart little dog, she picks the one that is best for her future. I love this dog! I am not so sure that my home pet would choose the same.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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