You Won’t Believe what this Adorable Poodle does with Elevators to make this Care Center Much Happier Place!

You are about to meet one incredible little dog who does a truly wonderful work for The Minnesota Care Center residents. Her name is Nala and she is an adorable poodle who goes to work each morning and makes these people at the care center a whole lot happier.

Nala spreads smiles from room to room, and even though she never had a formal training in pet therapy, she does it perfectly. The amazing thing to see is definitely how Nala works herself through the four story building and riding the elevators all by herself. Her owner only needs to put her in the elevator and press the button. Than they go separate ways. These deserving people really love this adorable little dog, and she makes them feel much better. Nala is definitely doing a wonderful job, and all she wants in return is a little kindness.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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