This Judge Adopted A Blind Pug, And Now He is Bringing Smiles To Everyone Around Him! Heartwarming!

Meet Sabrina Johnson of Inkster, Michigan, a district judge for the 22nd district court. Sabrina is dealing with laying down the law on a daily basis which is definitely not an easy job, but she manages to keep her smile all thanks to her loving pup Mikey. When she adopted him, she knew that he was the right dog for her even though he is completely blind.

Mikey had a rough beginning and was nearly euthanized before he came to Michigan Humane Society. His both eyes had to be removed, but he recovered and adjusted well to his new life. Mikey and Sabrina really found each other and they make each other happy. At work, this precious pug is melting everyone`s heart and they all want to play with him. Despite his blindness, he rarely bumps into things, and when he does, he just shakes it off and keeps moving.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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