Parents Abandoned Her Because She Was Disabled, 16 Years Later She Discovers An INCREDIBLE Secret!

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs due to a genetic birth defect. Immediately after birth, her biological parents abandoned her and gave her for adoption. They thought it would be too demanding to raise her by themselves, and soon she found a new family. Gerald Bricker and Sharon accepted her and raised her as one of their own.
abandoned disabled gymnastic
It did not take long before they realized, Jennifer was a very unique girl. Since she was little, she had a dream of becoming a gymnast, and not just any, she wanted to be like Dominique Moceanu. The fact that she had no legs could not stop her! What she learned from her parents was that to never allow the word “can’t” to be part of her vocabulary.

She started with her dad on a trampoline and soon she was playing all the sports at school. Jennifer was still in high school when she became the best gymnastic within the state. But, her past was itching her and one day she asked her mother to tell her about her biological family.

What she discovered is just incredible and will definitely leave you speechless. Check out the video to hear the rest of the story and witness the true miracle!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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