A Dad and his Son having their Best Road Trip ever!

Road trips are always interesting way to enjoy with someone you like, usually a couple of friends get together to go somewhere and have some quality time, and what is the best way to pass the time while driving than to sing along to the radio. On the other hand being a teen and driving with your parents is not what you would prefer, but when I saw this video, and how this father and his son interact, they just amazed me.

A Dad and his son from this video, are having what we would say, a boring trip, but then they decided to jam a little, to sing a long to the songs on radio, and they are really funny, we could see that their lips began to sync. You can see, even though they would not admit, that Shake it Off by Taylor Swift is their star song. It took a couple of seconds, but then, great.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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