Simon Skeptical When 9 Year Old Says She Sings Like Celine Dion, But When She Opens Her Mouth… UNBELIEVABLE!

Simon and the crew have met some really talented people this season, and it’s getting harder and harder to surprise them. Having this in mind, it’s no wonder they were a bit skeptical when a 9 year old said her dream is to become the next Celine Dion! But, little did they know, they were about to witness something truly incredible!

Celine Tam’s parents have always loved Céline Dion and they even named their daughters after her – Celine and Dion. This lovely little girl discovered her vocal talent when her dad started playing Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” one day in the car. She started singing along and left Dad completely amazed.

Judges already knew what she was about to sing, but still had no idea what to expect. But, the moment this adorable girl opened her mouth, it was clear she was going to nail it. By the end of her performance everyone were on their feet and Simon just said – WOW!


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