He Shows Up On A 5 Year Old’s Funeral As Spider-Man, When I Saw The Reason Why, I Was Brought To Tears!

It was beginning of April 2016 when a mother of a young boy named Joshua herd the terrible news that her son has drowned in a terrace pool. The first officer who arrived at the scene was officer Damon Cole, and he was the one who pulled him out of the water. He gave his best to save the kid’s life, but he was already gone, and this tragic event had a big impact on him also.

Cole wanted to do something unique in tribute to Joshua, and the kid’s family asked him to attend the funeral. Officer remembered that when he was pulling Joshua from the pool, he was wearing the Spider-Man T-shirt and Spider-Man tennis shoes, and after that he discovered that Spider-Man was Joshua’s most loved superhero. Joshua’s family agreed and he was honored to wear his Spider-Man ensemble for the memorial service.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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