5-Year-Old Violin Prodigy Steps On Stage And Starts Playing. The Audience Can’t Believe It!

He was only a two year old child when the world first heard about Akim Camara. This child prodigy blew everyone away with his extraordinary skills with the violin. The masters of this instrument watched this boy play with delight.

At the age of three Andre Rieu gave him his first shot at fame on a grand stage – at the Parkstad Stadium in the Netherlands during his Flying Dutchman Concert. He left the entire audience on their feet for quite some time after the concert.

Akim’s talent kept growing and soon he got a chance to perform Felix Mendelssohn’s “Dance of the Fairies”. Five year old boy stepped up on stage and performed with the accompaniment of the Johann Strauss Orchestra. He completely stole the show, it was like nothing ever seen before. Check it out and enjoy!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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