This Girl Is Only 5 Years Old. But When She Opened Her Mouth… The Crowd Went Wild!

A five year old girl called Celine Tam put an incredible performance singing one of the most difficult songs for any singer. She hit the stage, and stunned everybody in the audience with her performance of “You Raise Me Up”. It was just unbelievable how girl so tiny and young sing with such severity. She was technically perfect and hit all the notes right.

The crowd was delighted, an everyone was up on their feet cheering. There is no doubt that this girl has a huge talent. The man who believed in her from the beginning is her father, and he was the one coaching her from the side of the stage. After this big success she signed several appearances around China.

Check out this amazing video, and this little girl will definitely make you cry there is no doubt in that.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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