4 Cool Dads Walk Out Of The Garage. Now Watch What Happens When The Music Starts… I Lost It!

What happens when 4 suburban dads decide to get out of the garage and record a rap song will make you laugh out loud. These unlikely rap artists came up with a brilliant idea for a parody and drew inspiration from common hip hop tunes. Their looks, their attitude and this catchy beat make a perfect combination for one hilarious video. These guys are not rolling around on the hottest custom wheels, but instead they whip minivans and ride lawnmowers, and what to say about their outfit…

If we put aside all the funny parts for a moment, these lyrics will certainly make everyone appreciate how much dads often do for their kids, wife, and others in the family. We have to agree that Dads of the world certainly deserve respect.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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