He’s Only 3 Months Old, But This Pup Is A GENIUS. Now Watch What He Does…

Jon Sun is a lucky man.When you see his adorable pup, Kibo, you’ll easily understand why.

Kibo is the most precious Shiba Inu pup on the planet. He’s only 3 months old, but as you’ll see in the following video, this cutie pie is incredibly smart.

Just when I thought I’ve seen a dog do just about everything, this sweet pup comes along and teaches us a brand new trick. In the adorable video, Jon Sun explains that this is one of the genius tricks that his little baby has already learned at such a young age. All Jon has two say is “Spread ’em” and just like a wild west cowboy, little Kibo puts his paws to the wall in the most adorable surprise of all time!

It only took a few seconds for this tiny one to make me smile. How can anyone resist this smart one’s charm? I just LOVE him!

[youtube id=”qZbsUWcRBRs” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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