This Is What You Should Not Do If You Saw a 2,000 Pound Bison Running Straight To You!

This incredible video was filmed at the Yellowstone National Park by some tourists who were brave enough to record it. They were parked in their Nissan Xtera, and 200 yards in front of them a buffalo herd was charging towards the car. I suppose they did not expect what happened next, but if I was in their situation, and saw a 2,000 pound bison running straight to me, I would run as fast as I can. But, I guess that they are much braver than I am, they stood still in the vehicle, but the bison had not intention of going around, he hit the car with all his power, and created a damage of $2,787.82!

The Yellowstone Bison is an amazing animal. The entire population has thousands of individuals that are allowed to roam relatively freely over the expansive landscape of Yellowstone National Park and some nearby areas of Montana. They can be aggressive, and can run up to 35 miles per hour (55 kph)!

Check out the video, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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