You would not Believe what caused this 2 Black Circles at the bottom of the Pool!

You know how often people say that science can be funny. This new video was posted by Physics Girl and it is really amazing. I think that the purpose of this was to explain something scientific on a very interesting way, and they did a good job, this could be a great lesson for children.

All you need to try something like this is a pool and a plate, and the magic can begin. When you try to drag a plate across the pool, you will see 2 black circles forming at the bottom and traveling through the pool (on a sunny day this is even more visible). Maybe you will think that this is something weird, but no.  Apparently these 2 circles are called vortexes and if you watch and listen close the whole video you will hear the science explanation for this phenomenon.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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