Back In 1958 ‘The Stroll’ Took The World By Storm – Who Remembers THIS?

Whoever watched  ‘American Bandstand’ during ’58 could have seen a bunch of kids doing a line dance they called the Stroll. It quickly became one of the most recognized and most social dances. The best thing about it was that both the talented dancers and novices could enjoy the music and movement together.

The Stroll was initially danced to the slow beats of Chuck Willis’ hit “C. C. Rider,” who was known as “King of the Stroll.” But, only when Canadian vocal group the Diamonds recorded “The Stroll,” the dance made it’s top popularity. They sold millions of records since then and it still lives on.

What you can see on this video is a part of teen dance show called “Seventeen.” The dance looks simple enough but it can get tricky. Why don’t you give it a try.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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