15-Yr-Old Chooses To Sing ‘The Hardest’ Song. Her POWERFUL Voice Leaves The Judges Staring In Disbelief

Sarah Ikumu stepped on stage of Britain’s Got Talent “hoping for the best,” but she probably never even dreamed that something like this would happen. A humble daughter of Kenyan immigrants managed to get standing ovations from the audience as well as the judges. What Sarah had done, could easily be remembered as one of the greatest performances ever!

Judges had their doubts when they saw she is going to sing Jennifer Hudson’s epic ballad “You’re Gonna Love Me.” It is one of the biggest songs in history and even the best singers in this world would not dare to cover it. But, what followed next, left Simon and the crew completely speechless.

There were lots of smiling faces after Sarah’s performance and one of them immediately pushed the golden buzzer. Check out the video and prepare to be blown away!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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