This 15-year-old May Not Look Like Average Ballerina, But Wait Till You See Her Dance

We live in a world of stereotypes and it seems like we have created perception about everything. Dancing is no exception! Every time we turn on TV, we see men and women with perfect bodies, and we started to think that dancers have to look like them. Of course that is rubbish, but still people who are different are often being condemned.

15-year-old Lizzy Howell is a girl who fights stereotypes with dance. She is a ballerina who became an inspiration for thousands of people all across the world. Lizzy may not look like an average dancer, but she is incredibly talented.

Lizzy loves to dance and she trains 4 days per week. Dancing helps her manage anxiety from her pseudotumor cerebri (a condition that causes excess fluid around the brain). On top of all she is an ambassador for Dancing for You, a disability awareness campaign.

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I Already Did

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