Judges Didn’t Take 12YO Girl Seriously When She Says She Sings Like Whitney Houston. But Then? INCREDIBLE!

Whitney Houston belongs to a small group of singers that will, without any doubt, blow you away with their powerful voices. Not many performers dare to cover her songs, and reasons are quite obvious. That is why the judges of the Britain’s Got Talent were a bit skeptical when a 12 year old said she sings like Whitney!

Maia Gough seemed shy and like she was lacking confidence, but she had her family standing behind her. She stepped on stage to sing a song by her biggest idol and everyone present had a chance to witness something truly amazing.

This little girl sounded like a mature singer with years of experience behind her. The crowd supported her right from the start and they just loved what their hearing. As for those judges who had little faith in the beginning, they were up on their feet and applauding.

Maia definitely deserved to get standing ovations for her marvelous singing, and we can’t wait to hear her again. Check out her incredible performance and share with all your friends and family.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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